After being stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, being wheel-chair and bed-bound for seven years. I am coming back to life, walking and working again. Those seven years were filled with nothing but tears and pain for me. I have always been a very happy, energetic, person. Nothing short of death can stop me from succeeding in mastering my goals. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995. It knocked the wind out of my sails. “This can’t be happening to me, what did I do to deserve this?” And then there was the “I have always been a very kind, caring, and giving, God fearing person, why me?” Those are some of the questions that came to mind at the time. I was in a severe depression at first, thinking I had to have done something to deserve this. I had never even really known about Multiple Sclerosis before!


This was very scary, what on earth could cause your body to just short circuit one day, and be almost perfect the next day or so. I had totally taken my body for granted, which I think now, we all do. I just assumed that when I got up every morning I could stand on my own two feet and walk!  More about that another time. When I finally overcame the shock of it all and found myself stuck in a bed 24/7, with nurses caring for me. I was writhing in pain, on so many drugs, I couldn’t even tell you how many I was on. I finally found a really good pain specialist, who actually listened to the words coming out of my mouth, instead of just assuming I was a junky and dishing out drugs, he heard me tell him how much pain I was in. Somehow he actually thought about the fact that MS was supposed to be one of the least painful diseases there is. He decided to try something new on me, Lyrica. This was the newest drug prescribed for fibro myalgia. He finally diagnosed me right, I had fibro myalgia induced by my Multiple Sclerosis.


The very first day I started taking Lyrica, I could feel the difference. My pain level was much less severe. I decided to try to get in my wheelchair again, hadn’t been in it in probably 2 years or close to it. Got in my chair and, WOW, it didn’t make me scream every time it moved, I couldn’t believe it! That tiny little capsule did all this I asked myself. Where has that been all this time and why haven’t I been taking it before now? The next day I decided to try to start standing, with the help of my husband, I could not only stand, but I was able to take a few steps. My legs were terribly atrophied after being bed-bound that long.  I had to literally relearn how to walk. Within just a few short days, I was going to the grocery store to go shopping. I made it half way through on the first try, my husband was ecstatic with joy! He was so happy to see me able to walk again, almost as much as I was. I couldn’t work hard enough, move quick enough, or learn fast enough, I was getting my independence back! And, oh yeah, I gained a lot of weight in that bed, and lost 65 lbs. of it within a few months of starting to walk again. Overall, life pretty much sucked for those horrible years,  but I sure do appreciate life now!


Before I got sick I owned several businesses and was quite active in the community. After I got sick I not only had to slow down, I had to let my sons take over the businesses. I missed being able to work on different projects and being around all of my customers. Back then you were actually able to know your customers, not just via email, on a computer. I had an excellent reputation, in the business world, that’s not so easy to come by now, I want to be able to earn your trust as a dependable business woman. I strive to make every transaction as pleasant as it can possibly be. I want all of my customers to want to come back, not leave with a bad taste in their mouth. I want my stores to be the new and improved Kmart and Wal-Mart kind of place. Have excellent customer service and support. Not wait in line for an hour, to find out there was nothing, they could, or would do for you. Not get put on hold forever, not knowing when or if someone was going to come back to the phone. I take pride in my work that is why my name is on my business. I want my customers to be able to trust not only the name, but the person behind it. This would be the beginning of my journey into the  e-Commerce world! This still and will always hold true in any of my business ventures. As you can see from my background, I am not just your ordinary fly-by-night business person. I am a real responsible person with a conscience, which not many people seem to have these days. I plan on being around for a very long time and hope that a lot of you will be right here with me. If you would like to check out any of my stores there are links around here somewhere. Maybe I will be able to learn that new skill soon, too. Everything that I have done on the internet I have had to learn by myself. That’s not easy at 53 with minimal brain damage from some of the bad medicine I was fed.